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Tammy Holton

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Exceptional Educational Experiences’ is the vision at Whitfield District Primary School. It is a small rural school located in the beautiful King Valley. The school has 37 students enrolled in 2021. It is currently staffed by three highly experienced full time teachers. The school prides itself in providing ‘exceptional educational experiences’ to all students. ‘Authentic’ and ‘integrated’ learning activities provide the stimulus, engagement and opportunities to develop a lifelong love of learning. The school has a great music program and Italian language, Library and Art are supported by visiting teachers. The school is part of the Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships program, extensive camps program and Social Enterprise program. The school derives value adding from its active participation in The King Valley Cluster of schools. Cluster initiatives include the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden and Cooking program, a shared Italian teacher, a range of sporting activities including Personal Best athletic sports, cultural days and professional learning initiatives.. The school was established in 1875 and many of the families have historic links with the school. The school is the focal point of much community activity. .

Tammy Holton – Principal.

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